What are the materials available for patio covers and which one is considered the best?

Patio covers are usually made of wood, aluminum, steel or vinyl. If you like the traditional look, and don’t mind giving it some care every few years, the real wood patio cover will be the best option. For those who prefer the white clean look and minimum maintenance, aluminum is the choice. Vinyl is a good alternative, but tends to be expensive. Steel patio covers are very expensive, but they are pretty impressive too and can be durable.

How much will an Alumawood patio cover cost me?

Alumawood is fast becoming the preferred choice among patio cover systems, even though wood has been the go-to choice for years. The fact that wood is easily perishable and costly has shifted customer preferences. 

Alumawood prices can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands. The major contributing factors in the cost are size and type. 

Wood cover can cost twice as much as Alumawood and will not last nearly as long as aluminum one.

Are there any limitations to consider when designing the patio cover?

No, our patio covers may be designed in any desired shape, square, round, triangular, trapezoid, etc.

Does the patio cover require cleaning?

Not too often, but when it does, It can be simply rinsed with a water hose. Aluminum will never rust.

What kind of maintenance is needed for the patio cover?

No special maintenance is needed. All the profiles of the Alumawood patio cover are made of aluminum and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Are there any standard sizes for you patio covers?

No. Our Patio Covers are custom made to your requirements, so we can fulfill any dream desired.

What is snow load?

Snow load depends on pounds of snow per square foot of your cover. Building departments calculate the snow load area depending on the heaviest winter recorded in the particular location.  We add an extra cushion of 30% as well as the added weight of rain. The measurement term used is pounds per square foot (psf).

What is wind load?

Wind load depends on the speed of the wind in your area. The building codes would require the roof system to be designed for the fastest wind load recorded in your area + 30%. We will also take into consideration wind gusts and design site-specific engineering for your patio cover structure.