10 Reasons to Install a Patio Cover

Shade. How much shade a patio cover casts depends on the design and materials. Solid patio roofing provides the most shade. A gazebo or pergola, which has an overhead weave of aluminum framing, casts partial shade—40 percent, more or less. A translucent patio roof keeps the patio bright but filters out some sunlight and UV rays.

Heat reduction. Shade alone will reduce heat, but a roof without insulation will allow heat to radiate through. Insist on an insulated roof to prevent heat from penetrating.

Shelter from rain. Nothing destroys a well-planned event more completely than unplanned-for rain—even a 30-minute shower at the wrong time. A patio roof, whether a basic pan roof, insulated patio roofing or a translucent patio roof, will shed rain.

More living space. If you’re in a warm climate, a patio roof turns what otherwise would be a simple concrete slab into an additional, 4-season outdoor room. In moderate climates, a patio cover affords 3-season and 4-season comfort with a patio heater. Even in climates where all the seasons are evident, 3-season use is possible. Optional screening makes a cover patio even more usable.

Entertainment space. If you like to entertain—extended family, friends, neighbors, co-workers—a covered patio gives you extra space for extra guests. That’s especially true if you allow guests to wander in and out of the house and onto the patio.

Personal retreat. Need a place to relax and unwind after work? All it takes on your covered patio is a comfortable chair or chaise, maybe a little music, and a good book or magazine.

Family gathering spot. The kitchen is the natural family spot: It’s where the fridge, microwave and toaster oven supply drinks or snacks. Your patio typically is an extension of the kitchen—an outdoor spot where everybody enjoys those treats.

Privacy. Even with a roof, you’ll still be seen on your patio because, more than likely, you’ll have no side walls. The roof alone does reduce some exposure to prying eyes. A few well-placed planters are all you need for additional seclusion.

Better resale. A quality patio roof will add value to your home, although, to be honest, it isn’t likely to repay you dollar for dollar. A patio cover may reduce your time to sale because more potential buyers are likely to want a house with a patio cover than without one.


Originally posted by IG Patio Covers