Add a Modern Look To Your Patio With Lattice Covers

Thinking of adding a patio cover to your home? Lattice covers are a modern and beautiful addition to a home exterior. Solid patio covers such as metal awnings are outdated compared to a chic lattice covering.

What is a Lattice Cover for Patios?

Solid patio coverings and lattice patio coverings are the two main kinds of awnings that you can choose for an outdoor patio space. As the title self-describes, a solid patio covering has no holes in it and does not allow any sun to shine through. A lattice cover on the other hand has criss crossing wooden or metal parts which do allow sunlight and rain to come through.

The Pros and Cons of Lattice Covers for Patios

Examine the pros and cons of lattice covers to decide if they are right for your patio.


  • Allows some sunshine for dappled lighting
  • Great for having plants on the patio because they can get some rain
  • You can plant vine plants and flowers to grow over the lattice
  • Beautiful appearance
  • There are metal lattice covers made to look like wood
  • Requires minimal upkeep


  • Natural wood lattice covers can bend, break, or wear over time
  • Does not completely shade the sun
  • Patio furniture could have sun damage over time with uneven coverage
  • May need repainting to maintain appearance
  • Requires a more difficult installation than other awnings

Lattice Covers For Plant Lovers

If you love plants then a lattice cover may be the right patio covering for you. A fixed awning with a solid cover will prevent rain water and sunlight from falling on the patio, which makes it a less than perfect environment for plants. If you want to keep plants alive on the patio, having dappled sunlight and natural rainfall will help.

Another benefit for plant lovers is that lattice covers are perfect for adding vine plants. Flowering vines will grow up over the lattice for a stunning result. Here are a few examples of the kinds of vines that are perfect for decorating lattice covers:

  • Boston Ivy
  • Wisteria
  • Roses
  • Climbing hydrangea
  • Kiwi vine
  • Clematis
  • Confederate jasmine
  • Grape vines

Using vines with a lattice cover is a stunning design, and it is practical as well. If you don’t have space for a garden, using the patio cover as a makeshift garden makes the most of your outdoors space in urban areas. The plants also add additional shade for the hot summer days. Enough flowering vines can almost create a solid covering that protects from the elements.

Creative Lattice Cover Design Ideas

Here are a few ideas of what you could do with a lattice cover:

  • Paint it different colors
  • Plant different vines/flowering vines over it
  • Metal or wood
  • Different kinds of latticing designs (criss-cross, bars, etc)

Why You Should Get a Lattice Patio Cover

There are so many things you can do aesthetically with a lattice patio cover. They are great for adding flowering vines and other plants. Lattice covers can also be made with a variety of different kinds of woods and metals to achieve different looks. The lattice cover can also be painted different colors. There are lots of ways to customize a lattice cover to spruce up the patio area.


By Covered Patio